Shetland Wool Products by

Q. Are there other design options or can I specify my own design?
A. Unfortunately I cannot offer custom design as the fabric is produced on a knitting machine.

Q. Do you take order for other custom products i.e matching hats?
A. At the moment, the only products I offer are those on my website but I hope increase the range in the future.

Q. Can I choose my own custom colours?
A. Yes, please get in touch to discuss your preferences.

Q. Do you accept returns?
A. As most of my garments are made to order, returns are not possible.  Please measure carefully before ordering and use the sizing information for the dog jackets but if there are any issues with any of my items please get in touch as soon as possible.

Q.What are the benefits of using Shetland wool?
A. Shetland wool is very unique and perfect for my garments as it is strong and durable while providing warmth.

Q. How do you wash Shetland wool?
A. Your garments can be washed on the wool cycle of your machine or you can hand wash using regular hair shampoo. Items should be stretched to dry if possible using a jumper board.

Q. Do you deliver worldwide?
A. Yes, delivery charges are calculated at the checkout.

Q. Are your products available to buy from any Shetland retailers?
A. Unfortunately not, most of the items are made to order.